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Scottsdale Gun Club Instructor Jon Antrim

Jon Antrim

Jon Antrim is a well acclaimed competition shooter in USPSA, Multi-gun (3 gun) and IDPA as well as a certified Safety Officer in IDPA. He comes from a family of firearm instructors and has been one himself for 15 years. This as well as being a life long hunter allows him to bring a great amount of respect and understanding to what he teaches. Having taught with such diverse groups, from law enforcement and civilian to even The Boy Scouts of America, he understands the importance of nurturing new and established students in proper shooting fundamentals, safety and the application of advanced tactics.
His curriculum spans Introduction to firearms, Intro to competitive shooting, Competitive principles, Defensive shooting skills, Home defense 1 & 2, Intermediate range and tactical rifle, Tactical pistol and Tactical shotgun as well as Sport shotgun shooting. Jon is a NRA certified instructor in pistol, shotgun and personal protection and is also one of our certified Shoot House instructors for Home defense.


To schedule an evening or weekend lesson, contact Jon at Jantrim@sgc-scottsdale.com


Dan Schmelzer

Dan Schmelzer has been a life long hunting and shooting enthusiast who has been involved as a volunteer in the law enforcement community for past 12 years. As an AZPOST Firearms Instructor for the last 6 years, Dan has developed a thorough understanding of marksmanship fundamentals. His experience with beginning as well as accomplished shooters gives him insight into getting great results in limited time.
His passion for shooting is demonstrated in his approach to instructing and how he encourages the shooter to excel in their shooting skills while paying the utmost attention to safety.
Dan is a NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and Home Firearm Safety. He is also an AZPOST Firearms Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, MCSO General Instructor, and Qualified Judgmental shooting Instructor.


To schedule an evening or weekend lesson, contact Dan at Dschmelzer@sgc-scottsdale.com


Ben Carney

Is a proud Army Veteran that got introduced to firearms during his years in the service, eventually becoming a small arms instructor. During his army days Ben got “hooked” and so started a lifetime enthusiasm for the shooting sports. After leaving the Army, Ben continued serving his country, working as a civilian for the Navy, Air Force, and finishing his career at the Veterans Administration.

Ben has many interests that include; founding and serving as an officer in a local Corvette Club where he enjoys sharing his passion for Corvettes with others, 4 wheeling in the desert where he is an avid “Rock Hounder” collecting minerals and semi-precious stones; and spending time with his wife Mary of 20 years.

His teaching philosophy is safety first followed by ensuring the student is relaxed and enjoying the training. “It is about the students learning new skills, demonstrating improvement, and taking home a skills foundation that can lead to continuing improvement.”

Whatever your skill level, Ben can provide a safe and friendly learning environment that can take you from firing your first shots to more advanced skill levels that meet your individual goals and expectations.

Ben is a former SGC Range Safety Officer, and an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Defense in the Home.